About Us

 Scott Desouza and Vance Jaffe

Vance Jaffe and partnersbring more than two decades of retail experience to American Cash Traders.

Vance is a former chef and restaurateur. He's owned and operated three successful restaurants: Vees in Norristown, Jaffe's Half Way House in Pottstown and Chef Vee's in Norristown. A well know face in the communites where he does business, his stores are known for supporting the locals and offering them the best deals possible.

Cash Traders began in 2007 in Pottstown, PA. With nearly a decade under his belt, Vance has grown with the pawn business and quickly adapted to the new trend, cash trading. Today there are three solid businesses available for your selling and buying needs.

Vance keeps his eye on the future, and always looks to expand his growing brand. Customers can look forward to seeing more American Cash Traders affiliates as Vance shares his acumen with other willing and dedicated entrepreneurs.

'Treat All Customers Fairly and With Respect'

Customers feel comfortable with a friendly staff in American Cash Traders’ clean stores. They know the staff are professionals who understand that sometimes a little extra cash can make a big difference. Said Vance, “We’re here to take care of people. We’re here to help.”

American Cash Traders offers extras like bill paying facilities in-store. Their experienced staff has worked with generations of families as they negotiate tough economic times. Customers know American Cash Traders pays the most for traded-in goods while selling quality items for less.

Come in and check out our prices, then see what our competitors are offering. We guarantee you'll be back. That's an American Cash Traders promise.