What We Buy

We buy everything that can fit into our front door — and some things that don’t. Bring in that box of forgotten items, tools or jewelry and let us sort it for you. Your junk could turn into your treasure.

Come to one of our stores and you’ll see that we’re interested in just about everything. Call ahead to your nearest location before bringing in larger items or simply to learn if we are interested in your particular item.

We buy gold. We buy silver. We buy platinum. We buy diamonds. Top money paid for your unused, broken and unwanted jewelry!

We buy televisions. We buy tool sets. People often call us and ask, “Do you buy XYZ?”

Our answer is always the same: Bring it in. Let us check it out. You may be in for a surprise – and some extra cash.


ebay services


Most of our offers are based on current market values proven in eBay sales. We have several sites on eBay and our customers benefit from local pickup availability, saving on shipping charges.

You can’t lose!